prenatal yoga – why should you practice it?

photo by: Vidya Alexandrea


I’ve recently completed 22 weeks of pregnancy, what a beautiful & unbelievable experience it has been so far!… From the positive result on the pregnancy test that my eyes couldn’t believe after waiting for this baby for a long time, the joy & skepticism this brought along, to starting to feel my baby move inside, slowly the reality of a little being becoming stronger inside of me is starting to feel more and more tangible and real.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to experience all of this & sharing a home in my body with my baby, breathing, moving, nurturing this magnificent physical vessel for two has been magical. Every day I wake up eager & open to discover the many things that this life changing journey is slowly revealing for me.

Yoga has been a very important part of this experience as it is to my life. I began practicing yoga after finding out I have scoliosis fifteen years ago and ever since, it has become my therapy and medicine.

Prenatal yoga came into my life in 2016 when I took part in the Birthlight School Motherhood Yoga training in Barcelona. In this course, I was able to obtain knowledge & experience of adapting yoga for pregnancy, of teaching prenatal & postnatal (mum & baby) yoga guided by Sally Lomas & insights into prenatal & postnatal thai herbal massage with Micha Merrick which I later deepened by taking part in her trainings for the subsequent two years.

Through Birhtlight´s principles and the experience I have gained preparing and guiding motherhood yoga sessions,  I support women on their journey before, towards and after their births with yoga & massage therapy and I am very much enjoying applying all the acquired knowledge and experience to my very own practice at this special time in my life.

Benefits of prenatal yoga

I learned how beneficial yoga can be in pregnancy through my trainings and the feedback from the pregnant ladies in my classes but I can now testify from my own experience how the practice of both yoga asanas & meditation during pregnancy is truly the best companion providing you with a vast array of tools you can apply to your every day pregnant life, your preparation for labor, during labor, the postpartum period and beyond!

Some of the many benefits of practicing yoga during pregnancy: 

  • using breath and movement to become aware, work through & release tension & gripping in the physical body and to create space to allow for baby´s growth and development inside
  • meditation can assist & help you calm & train your mind to remain centered in the present moment despite the anxiety that the big & unknown challenges ahead might bring up for you
  • discover the everyday changes in your body with awareness using conscious breath & movement as tools for exploration
  • utilizing specific exercises combining breath & pelvic floor awareness to prepare you for your birth & delivery in the most natural & mindful way
  • yoga provides you with a space & time of quietness and peace to create a bond with the growing life miracle that is developing inside of you
  • the practice allows you to remain connected to your intrinsic power and strength  so that you can feel empowered & confident during your pregnancy and your birth
  • learn relaxation tools through breath, physical release & visualisation that you can later come back to during your birth, postpartum and your everyday life when needed
  • practicing with other mums-to-be creates a sense of community and provides a space to share, discuss, clarify and feel supported

I could really continue naming many more benefits but I don’t know how long this post would be 😀 so I will leave you with these and invite you to try the classes I offer or any prenatal yoga class near you to discover by yourself the many positive things a yoga practice during this special time can provide for you.

Feel free to comment and share your experience or reach out to ask any questions about what I’m sharing today.

love & my best wishes,




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