the grace of wild things

remembering the grace & beauty of wild things with the inspiring Anastasis Koutsogiannis… at Barcelona Yoga Conference!

byc inspiration

After some failed and frustrating attempts to escape the previous two days from my busy teaching schedule and daily chores, I FINALLY made it to the conference! (by the way, to those who are used to taking the train – FGC and getting off at Reina Elisenda, know that’s it’s out of order until July 30and you have to descend in Sarria, its relatively close, maybe 7 minutes waking from this station to the conference venue).


I arrived just in time for Anastasis Koutsogiannis class (Zorba Yoga). I must say I was really looking to practicing with him. I first met Anastasis in the Geneva Yoga Festival four years ago, I was straightaway fascinated by his authentic, laid back attitude and fun personality. Today, he gave us an introduction to his teaching style explaining that “Zorba the Greek” was his inspiration, a character that is free, rebel, crazy but…

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