reminder: always practice, never perfect

the practice: always always progress, never perfect…

byc inspiration

It´s already been a week since we were together, sharing, singing, practicing, playing, dancing, hugging & uplifting each other at the Barcelona Yoga Conference. I can´t say this week has been easy for me, it feels rather strange to go back into “normal life” and wonder why our days can´t be filled with the sharing, the loving & the amazingness that was the days we shared together at the Conference.

BYC2017-0638.jpg photo: wari om

Also, as it very often happens to me when I spend some time with inspiring teachers, I feel SO overwhelmed by the knowledge & vastness of the teachings shared, I need some time to process and digest, time we normally don’t allow ourselves to take in between all our daily activities, it never feels enough.  I’ve been feeling really inspired after the Conference and motivated to share what has risen up for me, but often it’s challenging…

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