reminder: always practice, never perfect

the practice: always always progress, never perfect…

byc inspiration

It´s already been a week since we were together, sharing, singing, practicing, playing, dancing, hugging & uplifting each other at the Barcelona Yoga Conference. I can´t say this week has been easy for me, it feels rather strange to go back into “normal life” and wonder why our days can´t be filled with the sharing, the loving & the amazingness that was the days we shared together at the Conference.

BYC2017-0638.jpg photo: wari om

Also, as it very often happens to me when I spend some time with inspiring teachers, I feel SO overwhelmed by the knowledge & vastness of the teachings shared, I need some time to process and digest, time we normally don’t allow ourselves to take in between all our daily activities, it never feels enough.  I’ve been feeling really inspired after the Conference and motivated to share what has risen up for me, but often it’s challenging…

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swimming in gratitude & knowledge after a day workshop with Simon Park

swimming in gratitude…

byc inspiration

What a treat is has been to spend this day flowing & learning from Simon Park & the music that Coco prepared for us as well as her gentle, efficient assists!

Our workshop started with a very brief introduction, Simon explained he had been a student of Shiva Rea, Richard Freeman, Maty Ezraty, Joan White, and Dharma Mittra, he also mentioned his teachings were influenced by martial arts, tai chi & surfing!

FullSizeRender (7)We later practiced some gentle and efficient conscious movements to warm up the joints & arrive in the body-mind that felt really good in the body after three days of yoga!

We continued to be led through a fun, creative & flawlessly balanced flow, between effort & challenge (yin & yang) as well as moments of cool down and integration between waves of intensity and peak poses.  I truly enjoyed every second of this practice, specially because…

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descubriendo el aeroyoga

descubriendo el aeroyoga!

byc inspiration

img_4348.jpgTuve la suerte esta tarde de finalmente poder participar en una clase de aeroyoga y fue una excelente manera de cerrar este domingo! Quería hacerlo hace muchos tiempo, en las últimas ediciones de la Conferencia de Yoga de Barcelona había probado pero siempre estaba llena la sala cuando había querido participar ¡Esta vez, finalmente tuve la suerte de encontrar una hamaca libre!

La clase la guió Karlos Otamendi, me explicó que ya son siete años que practica y comparte el aeroyoga. Mencionó que entre los muchos beneficios puede destacar:

  • oxigenar el cerebro con sangre fresca
  • descompresión de los discos intervertebrales
  • renovación de la piel de la cara y ojos “lifting natural” para prevenir arrugas
  • descompresión de los órganos an invertirla la presión en la que habitualmente están en el cuerpo
  • estimulación de la glándula pituitaria & pineal así como las otras glándulas en el cuello
  • relajar presión sanguínea de…

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Shaking meditation, yin yoga & yoga nidra

replenishing body & mind through movement & stillness with Patrick Broome, Ranja & Santanun Pyne …

byc inspiration

shakingThis was the special combination proposed by Patrick Broome in today´s practice. We started with the “shaking meditation”. Patrick explained that it was developed by indian philoshopher and well known public figure Osho but that it is known and practiced by many native tribes around the world.

He explained that the purpose of this meditation is to remove blockages and tension as well and loosen up the body to a point it´s TOO much for the brain to handle and it has to disconnect, disassociate from the rational mind and go into a trance-like state.

And so under his guidance and with accompanying music, we shook for fifteen minutes or so, he led us through the meditation with some suggestions but mostly motivating us to continue the shaking in order to discover the effects in the body – mind. After fifteen minutes of shaking, we came into stillness…

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flow like water

water therapy! liquid flow yoga with Simon Park!

byc inspiration

I was trying to choose one word to describe today´s practice with Simon Park, and what keeps coming back to me it “water therapy“. Ever since last year that I first met and practiced with Simon, I felt how connected he is to the elements, being water his leading one. And it is really beautiful how during this classes, he reminds us to honor ALL of the water and fluidity in our bodies by incorporating breath wave motion into the different asanas that we consciously and very gracefully are invited to practice through his guidance.


I particularly enjoyed today how he managed to motivate us to explore our unique rhythms and limits but at the same time embrace our sensations and move from consciousness instead of habit.

The class ended with a chanting meditation with live music that I enjoyed in a deeply surrendering savasana. The result was…

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the grace of wild things

remembering the grace & beauty of wild things with the inspiring Anastasis Koutsogiannis… at Barcelona Yoga Conference!

byc inspiration

After some failed and frustrating attempts to escape the previous two days from my busy teaching schedule and daily chores, I FINALLY made it to the conference! (by the way, to those who are used to taking the train – FGC and getting off at Reina Elisenda, know that’s it’s out of order until July 30and you have to descend in Sarria, its relatively close, maybe 7 minutes waking from this station to the conference venue).


I arrived just in time for Anastasis Koutsogiannis class (Zorba Yoga). I must say I was really looking to practicing with him. I first met Anastasis in the Geneva Yoga Festival four years ago, I was straightaway fascinated by his authentic, laid back attitude and fun personality. Today, he gave us an introduction to his teaching style explaining that “Zorba the Greek” was his inspiration, a character that is free, rebel, crazy but…

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the roots of yoga

Let´s celebrate yoga day, everyday!

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Today, June 21, we celebrate two special events: the summer solstice (the awaited official beginning of summer) and since 2015, declared by the United Nations, International Yoga Day!

How are you planning to commemorate this special day? Some of us have already participated in the traditional 108 sun salutations at dawn organized worldwide or got up and sat in meditation or did our daily asana practice. However you decide to celebrate this day, it´s a good opportunity to take a look back at the origin of this practice and better understand its roots.

union photo by: zuluna

The word yoga comes from the root “yuj” that in Sanskrit means union. It is nice to remember this because sometimes we might forget that when we come to our mats, the physical practice becomes a tool to cultivate union & awareness of breath & movement, body and mind, ourselves with everyone…

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