do yoga, be peace

“it’s natural for those who study yoga to try to adopt an entire lifestyle that reflects their commitment to conscious living and mental and physical balance.”

byc inspiration

They say: “You are what you eat” … so what is it about yogis and a vegetarian diet? Suddenly you start practicing yoga and don’t want to eat meat anymore? Why is that? What other things change when you start doing yoga? Here I explore about yoga & a compassionate lifestyle & diet…


As you know, yoga is much more than the beautiful poses and shapes we twist turn and put our bodies in, these are the visible/physical part of yoga, but if we go back to the very base of yoga, we find the Ashtanga yoga limbs (see chart above) which have the “yamas” & “niyamas” as their foundation, from which all other aspects of yoga build from leading up to Samadhi or bliss, the ultimate goal of yoga.

The “yamas” & “niyamas” are the ethical principles of yoga that are supposed to…

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