chandra love

“The powerful full moon, with its magical brightness, shinning back at us once a month is a reminder that we are in this world interacting with each other and our surroundings to inspire and lift each other.”

byc inspiration

Ha Tha (sun/moon)

“Balance is a constant dance between contraction & expansion, the coming, the going of waves in the shore, the sun, the moon, the opening & closing of a bird’s wings, the inhale, the exhale, day and night, yin and yang… the deeper our presence in each part of the process, the more we can learn from each small act of coordination between the opposites …

Ancient yoga texts refer to Ha as Sun and Tha as Moon, therefore Hatha Yoga is said to be “the yoga in pursuit of balance”. Most of our human activities are performed during the day, guided by the light and energy of the sun, we are encouraged to get up every morning, move around, work and play, get our stuff done. On the contrary, during the night, we take refuge, go within, sleep, and regenerate. Both these aspects of our days and…

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