Don´t miss Meghan Currie at the Barcelona Yoga Conference in July! Her classes are inspiration and love all the way through…

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“As we learn to surrender to the teachings of each moment, our full creative potential is revealed…” Meghan Currie 

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I’m currently in Nicaragua taking part in Meghan Currie’s 300 hr Yoga Teacher Training. The weather is hot, the monkeys are howling, the Earth is dry, longing for the May rain; the stars are shining, the Pacific is wild and the moon is growing as we, the trainees, flow like leaves in the tropical wind. Under Meghan’s guidance, we merge together in these amazing natural surroundings, trusting and opening up to the teachings that arise and reveal our unique personal process.

Meghan is a special, authentic, inspirational teacher and human being. Anyone who has experienced one of her classes knows how creatively she can guide a vinyasa class so that every movement is deeply rooted in the breath, and every moment embraced by love, curiosity and deep awareness.

Meghan’s “Int

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