ayurveda yoga massage

kusum modak
Kusum Modak 

Ayuryoga massage is a body therapy technique originated in India, developed by the master Kusum Modak that combines massage techniques from the ancient science of Ayurveda with stretches inspired by yoga asanas. 

Kusum practiced yoga for more than twenty years under the tutelage of the renowned guru B.K.S Iyengar and was a disciple of the Ayurvedic doctor and masseuse Limaye in her hometown, Pune. Based on these experiences and many years of research, she managed to merge both disciplines in a comprehensive and effective method of therapy.


Principles of Ayuryoga massage:

work in silence, in a meditative atmosphere

the session takes place in a lightweight mattress at floor level for greater mobility and fluidity 

attention to the breath in search of harmony, improve circulation, blood flow of the vital energy and lightness of the body

– use of hands and feet as tools for the massage. The use of the feet allows deeper pressure through longer strokes.

application of yoga stretches to relieve tension from muscles and joints 

InstagramCapture_c2bd50b0-7b98-4cc7-8d27-f28671f83d9e_jpguse of pure sesame oil (or any premium cold pressed oil: almond, olive, mustardto heat and massage 

use of calamus powder, an ayurvedic antiseptic and purifying plant that stimulates the removal of toxins and blood circulation

a session lasts an hour or an hour and a half in order to cover the entire body 

at least three sessions are recommended to feel the benefits of the therapy and work specific objectives. However, from the first session, the receiver will experience profound sense of well-being 

with my teacher Jagruti Patel in Pune, December 2015

I have been very lucky and am deeply grateful to have been able to study this technique with Jagruti Patel in India, she is a direct disciple of Kusum Modak, creator of the method and has worked for many years as a therapist and carrying out Ayuryoga training in India and abroad.

Soon I will be offering Ayuryoga massage sessions in Barcelona, in short I will share more news and details.

the yoga stretches are used to release tension in muscles and joints 

Osho on massage:

“Massage is something that you can start learning but you never finish. It goes on and on, and the experience becomes continuously deeper and deeper, and higher and higher. Massage is one of the most subtle arts – and it is not only a question of expertise. It is more a question of love…

…Learn the technique – then forget it. Then just ‘feel’, and move by feeling. When you learn deeply, ninety percent of the work is done by love, ten percent by the technique. By just the very touch – a loving, conscious touch, something relaxes in the body…

… If you love and feel compassion for the other person, and feel the ultimate value of him; if you don’t treat him as if he is a mechanism to be put right, but an energy of tremendous value; if you are grateful that he trusts you and allows you to play with his energy – then by and by you will feel as if you are playing on an organ. The whole body becomes the keys of the organ and you can feel that a harmony is created inside the body. Not only will the person be helped, but you also…

… When you touch the body of a person, be prayerful… as if God himself is there, and you are just serving him. Flow with total energy. And, whenever you see the body flowing and the energy creating a new pattern of harmony – you will feel a delight that you have never felt before. You will fall into deep meditation…

“While massaging, just massage. Don’t think of other things, because those things are distractions. ‘Be’ in your fingers and your hands as if your whole being, your whole soul, is there. Don’t let it be just a touch of the body. Your whole soul enters into the body of the other, penetrates it, relaxes the deepest complexes.  “And make it a play. Don’t do it as a job. Make it a game, and take it as fun. Laugh, and let the other laugh, too.”

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