2016! new year, lots of yoga ॐ

I want to start this post by sharing with you that I‘ve been relatively away from the cyber world since I was traveling in India and Indonesia during the past two months. It has been journey full of learning and contingencies, which turned it into a carousel of emotions,thoughts, questions, and adventures. A great way to start the year!

InstagramCapture_bbe237b0-740b-42c4-8172-c969688f6e0b_jpg (1)The new year brings  about  a  change of cycle, an  opportunity  to  evaluate our objectives and renew our dreams and goals. The impulse of this change can be very beneficial to those of us who want to create new habits or break old patterns that may no longer benefit us.

Through yoga we can develop tools that allow us to reconnect with our essence, so this process arises from very deep inside and responds with sincerity to our current needs.

I´m eager to start this year sharing the great teachings that through this powerful practice I obtain every day. In addition, after the training in Ayuryoga body therapy that I was able to complete in the India, soon I will be able offer therapeutic massage sessions to complement the asana classes. I‘ll be announcing it soon.

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I hope you have a great start of the year with lots of yoga! Auuuummm ॐ

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