What to do?… Follow your heart intuition

You need to follow your heart and intuition when choosing what to do…

byc inspiration

I´ve been asked recently what are my choices or recommendations for activities at the Barcelona Yoga Conference. To be honest, I´ve looked at the programseveral times and I´m still in between many possibilities but I thought about writing this post to share some of my thoughts on teachers, styles of Yoga, schedules and interesting activities with those of you that like me, are still making decisions over the great offer that the Conference brings us this year. So here are some tips! Hope they help in some way:

Pre-Conference – Thurday July 02 I can´t make it to the Preconference but I would, for sure, join one of the two events proposed for Thursday if I could, they both are equally attractive.

Friday July 03

7h – 7h45 I will definitely try to make it to the Opening Ceremony with Anand Semalty and presenters

08h – 9h45Jivamukti Yoga Petros Haffenrichter

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