Barcelona Yoga Conference … Family friendly :) !

“motherhood is my highest Yoga” catalina gonzalez

byc inspiration

I was recently speaking to a dear yogini friend who has a four month old adorable baby who I love so much. I was telling her about all the workshops that I have been participating in recently and the classes that I want to take at the Barcelona Yoga Conference.

10513291_792367604136158_8612237052144202570_nShe listened to me and then answered: “I was thinking how one year ago I would have probably joined you in all those events, but for now “motherhood is my highest yoga”. This got me thinking about how our lives transform when we commit to parent or motherhood, it is indeed a commitment with many new experiences, emotions, challenges and surprises!

I nonetheless insisted that she come and hang around with me, her partner and baby and have a delicious meal in the BYC Village. And I remembered all the beautiful children that I have found in…

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