The Yin and the Yang

Ideally, a practice should include and equivalent mix of both yin and yang postures that derives in a state of balance in the body and mind.

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yinyangAlmost one month for the Barcelona Yoga Conference? Are you excited?!

By now, perhaps you´ve checked the program and chosen to take some classes with your favorite teachers or participate in some of the proposed workshops.

An important thing to consider when you make your choices is that your activities are “balanced” and by this I mean, make sure you plan to have a Yin and Yang combination in your choices so that you can fully enjoy your days at the Conference and not end up excessively drained or wishing you´ve distributed your choices in a better way. Some planning is helpful.

The Yin – Yang concept is perhaps the most known, documented and used within Taoism, two halves that together complete wholeness. The word Yin translates as “shady” or “soft” and Yang as “sunny” or “strong”.  This concept is equivalent to the Ha-Tha = “Ha” = Sun / “Tha” =moon

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The many benefits of dancing

“The health benefits derived from African dance go far beyond the gratification you get from dancing for relaxation or celebration. African dance is grounding–it brings you down to earth and that is the first realization of knowing where you stand. You learn how to relate your whole self, body and soul, to Mother Earth, that which supports you. You dance to the beat of a drum, obeying the natural law of being in rhythm. And in doing so, you arrive at a place where you are in total control of yourself.” Baba Olatunji, Master African Drummer and Dance Instructor


Through African Dance we return to our innate natural rhythms, our heartbeat and the primal pulse of all of life, our Mother Earth.

General Benefits of Dance:

Improves the heart and cardiovascular system, enlarges lung capacity, burns calories, increases the good cholesterol levels, controls blood sugar, strengthens the bones and retards the aging process of body and mind.

14 Specific Benefits of african dance:

1. relieves stress by raising our endorphin levels. This in turn boosts immunity and can help heal depression.

2.relieves insomnia: helps sleep longer and deeper

3. prevents osteoporosis: by increasing bone strength.

4.improves circulation: boasting heart performance

5. prevent arthritis: keeps joints lubricated

6. weight management – dancing burns calories, while improves stamina. It is estimated that dance burns anywhere from 5 to 10 calories per minute depending on speed and intensity.

7. cholesterol control: aids in lipid control, which raises our HDL (good cholesterol), and lowers our LDL (bad cholesterol).

8. blood sugar control: aids in controlling or preventing diabetes

9. improves the overall health of the heart and lungs: increased oxygen from aerobic exercise

10. improves co-ordination, balance, agility and spacial awareness

11. muscle endurance and strength 

12. improves body – mind connection

13. improves our memory by making us recall steps, routines and dance patterns making it a great mental exercise for our brains (prevention of Alzheimer’s disease)

14. improves our social life : while giving us the opportunity to make new friends to help us grow, make us laugh and support us as we learn.

and soooo many more!

“Everything in the universe dances. Everything has rhythm” – Maya Angelou


weekend in nature – african dance & vinyasa yoga / fin de semana en la naturaleza- danza africana & vinyasa yoga

(castellano abajo)

I´m super excited to share with you this new project!

While I was in Mozambique last February, I took some dancing lessons with Matanhane and Machava, they were amazing! The practice was totally liberating & beneficial for releasing tension from my body and my mind. I trully felt invigorated after the lessons.
During this workshop, Matanhane combined basic principles of Yoga for stretching and preparing the body for the dance and he also incorporated some yogic stretches after the dance sessions. The combination of both, dancing and yoga was perfect, so we planned to organize something together this summer, and it´s happening, I´m sooo excited!

The date is July 17,18 and 19 and the venue is Can Buc, a beautiful countryside house only one hour away from Barcelona. During this retreat we will have the chance to explore the basics of African dance, extremely beneficial for releasing tension and rooting to our core and on the other hand, the Vinyasa yoga sessions will focus on improving flexibility, strength and gaining space throughout the body.

I have always believed that asana practice is a great compliment for any other physical discipline and that Yoga practice is very well complemented by dancing as it provides a sense of freedom and release that makes our Yoga practice more organic and less rigid.

Please email me at: for any queries. Special prices available until June 15th! Reserve your spot as soon as possible 🙂

Hoping you can join us in this experience!

Please share with friends or family if you think they could be interested. More information on the facebook event.

collageEstoy super emocionada de compartir con ustedes este nuevo proyecto!

Mientras estaba en Mozambique en febrero pasado, tomé algunas clases de baile con Matanhane y Machava, fueron inncreíbles! La práctica fue totalmente liberadora & beneficiosa para soltar tensión de mi cuerpo y mi mente. Realmente me sentí vigorizada después de las clases.

Durante estas clases, Matanhane combinó los principios básicos del Yoga para estirar y preparar el cuerpo para la danza y también incorporó algunas asanas de Yoga después de las sesiones de baile. La combinación de ambos, baile y yoga fué perfecta, así que planeamos a organizar algo juntos este verano, y finalmente se está haciendo realidad, Estoy muy feliz!

La fechas son el 17,18 y 19 de julio y el lugar es Can Buc, una casa de campo encantadora sólo una hora de Barcelona. Durante este retiro tendremos la oportunidad de explorar los fundamentos de la danza africana, extremadamente beneficiosa paraliberar la tensión y enraizamiento a nuestro núcleo y por otro lado, las sesiones de yoga Vinyasa se centrarán en mejorar la flexibilidad, fuerza y recuperar espacio en todo el cuerpo.

Siempre he creído que la práctica de asanas es un gran complemento para cualquier otra disciplina física y que la práctica del Yoga se complementa muy bien con el baile ya que proporciona una sensación de libertad y descarga que hace que nuestra práctica de Yoga más orgánica y menos rígida.

Por favor, enviarme un correo electrónico: para cualquier consulta. Precios especiales disponibles hasta el 15 de junio! Reserva tu plaza tan pronto como te sea posible 🙂

Esperando que usted puedas unirte a esta experiencia! Por favor comparte con amigos o familiares esta iniciativa si crees que podrían estar interesados. más información sobre el evento en facebook.