The essence of vibration

Imagine 500 people chanting OM at the same moment, at the same place. The experience is indescribable, extremely impressive and overwhelmingly beautiful. Goosebumps all over!
Don´t lose the chance to experience this at the Barcelona Yoga Conference. I assure you, you will not forget this moment ever!

byc inspiration


The vibration of OM is extremely powerful. This is something that cannot be explained but needs to be experienced.

Give yourself a moment to close your eyes, observe the stillness and reconnect with your inner resonance. Before you emit any external sounds, allow yourself a moment to feel this echo inside yourself, observe how a tingling sensation begins to form in between your throat and the middle of your chest, it almost tickles. Observe and acknowledge with full awareness.

Let the sound flow out of your mouth and observe the mind in quietness while you become an instrument of this vibration. In this precious moment, you are reconnected with your source.

For me, chanting OM is to connect in a single moment all atoms, cells and components that conform me back to the original vibration, whether I do it consciously or unconsciously.

When we chant OM, we are reconnecting with body, mind and soul…

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