8 Interesting facts about the Barcelona Yoga Conference (that perhaps you didn´t know)

the place to meet this July! Enjoy yoga & share great times…

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Are you planning on joining the Barcelona Yoga Conference this July? Here is a summary of curious facts about the gathering that are useful and exciting to know:

  1. A family of organizers: The conference is lead and organized by a family and close collaborators that put their heart and soul into making sure all of the right elements of the event come harmoniously into place.
  1. Karma Yogi team: The conference opens the space for a team of Karma Yogis to participate and volunteer in a whole range of activities related to the conference from preparation of the rooms to special attention to teachers and participants.
  1. The venue: Everything takes place in the “Sacred Heart”, a school and monastery in the upper parts of the city of Barcelona, well connected by public transport (FGC): All information on how to arrive and move around can…

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