Only Wholeness Is – Om Purnam mantra

OM Purnam-ada purnam-idam
Purnaat purnam udachyathe
purnasaya purnam-adaya
purnam-eva vashishyathe


“That is fullness.  This is fullness.  From fullness all things come.  Never was there a time fullness did not exist, never will there be a time when fullness is not present. Such is the nature of Life.”


Interpretation by Osho:

 “The Upanishadic vision is that the universe is a totality, indivisible; it is an organic whole. The parts are not separate, we are all existing in a togetherness: the trees, the mountains, the people, the birds, the stars, howsoever far away they may appear – don’t be deceived by the appearance – they are all interlinked, all bridged. Even the smallest blade of grass is connected to the farthest star, and it is as significant as the greatest sun.”

“Nothing is insignificant, nothing is smaller than anything else. The part represents the whole just as the seed contains the whole.”

You can listen to a beautiful version of this mantra by Shantala here.

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